February 3, 2023


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Alex Lane and Svyatoslav Mikhailuk denounced the invasion of Ukraine

Alex Lane and Svyatoslav Mikhailuk denounced the invasion of Ukraine

Sacramento Kings Center Alex Lynn And the Toronto Raptors Winger Svyatoslav Mikhailuk, the only two Ukrainian players in the NBA, issued a joint statement condemning the Russian invasion of their homeland.

The couple called for unity among the Ukrainian people and for their friends, family and others who are currently in the country.

The full statement in English:

A great tragedy has befallen our dear homeland, Ukraine. We categorically condemn the war. Ukraine is a sovereign, peaceful country inhabited by people who want to determine their own destiny. We pray for our families, friends, relatives and all people who are on the territory of Ukraine. We hope to end this terrible war as soon as possible. Dear fellow Ukrainians, wait! Our strength is in unity! we are with you!

Alex Lynn and Svyatoslav Mikhailuk

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine It started early Thursday morning Immediately after the actual declaration of war by Russian President Vladimir Putin, with air strikes against cities and military bases across the country, troops and tanks are moving across the border from three directions.

The attack on a peaceful country was condemned from all over the world, As well as from within Russia. The blame has come from the sports world, too. UEFA already has it The UEFA Champions League Final has been moved from St Petersburg After the attack, while four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel Skips the Russian Grand Prix and calls for the race to be cancelled.

Other Ukrainian athletes spoke out against the attack, most notably the country’s famous Klitschko brothers, Who promised to take up arms for their country.

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Alex Lynn prays for his family and friends in Ukraine. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)