June 27, 2022


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Almost everywhere in Europe, we dreamed that the Omigran powers would be over

The Netherlands was the first to close down non-essential businesses and the hotel and catering industry, but in anticipation of Omigran’s arrival, anti-Govt measures are being intensified across Europe.

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CSome have closed everything or almost. Others put maximum pressure on those who have not been vaccinated by no longer accepting a negative test for access to certain places. Still others, by contrast, require negative PCR from those who have been vaccinated. In the face of the clumsy Omigran, Europeans everywhere are using measures they believe can get the best cost / benefit from the weary population. Overview of recent announcements in Europe.

Germany: Tight rope around non-vaccinated people

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes has announced new measures starting this week, December 28th. Between vaccinations, ten people can see each other. For those who have not been vaccinated, two. Clubs and discos will be closed and sports competitions will be held behind closed doors.

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