December 8, 2022


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American woman who forced her 11-year-old daughter to live with her father’s body for fear of being deported!

A woman was arrested Tuesday in a small town in northern Texas after police discovered she had been forcing her 11-year-old daughter to live with her father’s body for weeks, local media reported this week.

Susan Q. Smith was arrested and jailed for endangering children, tampering with evidence and failing to report death. He explained to police that he had not announced the death of his daughter’s father, Alan West.

The mother and daughter lived with this rotten body for three to four weeks in the town of Electra in the middle of the oil fields.

Without water, the debris stagnates

On Dec. 1, local police chief Terry Wooden arrived at the scene after being informed that flies and odors were coming from the open window of the apartment.

When she knocked on the door and got no answer, her crew entered Susan Q Smith’s apartment and found the body in the hallway, covered with blankets and garbage bags.

According to a police report seen on NBC’s KFDX-TV, without water, the apartment was littered with debris and considered “uninhabitable”.

Susan Q. Smith told police the body belonged to the child’s father. An arrest warrant was issued against him on January 13. Her daughter was admitted to the care of child care services and was hospitalized with an insect bite infection.

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