January 30, 2023


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An army vehicle gets stuck after a rodeo near the immigration camp in Calais

This is a surreal scene that does not make the French army laugh. Vigibrate transport vehicle stuck in the mud a few meters away from the immigration camp in Calais.

The film may seem very ordinary, but it has been reported that the events leading up to this situation are rare sur Twitter Louis Vitter, photo reporter.

At the end of the morning, the vehicle, which was carrying several armed soldiers, skidded and exploded at a speed not far from the IDP camp.

As the vehicle sped backwards, it got stuck in the muddy ground, under the dumb eyes of the camp residents.

Anchored well on the ground, the vehicle had to be towed by another soldiers with the help of a truck.

The photojournalist also said that there was tension between the CRS and the soldiers who were at the scene. “Army members regretted that the police did not intervene to help them.Deported people dig up flips in the mud“Explain Louis Witter.

On Twitter, the French army called the scene.Unacceptable“, Before mentioning that a command query has been opened.

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