August 10, 2022


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An artificial skiing room in the middle of a heat wave is controversial in France: “Above all, don’t forget to turn off the Wi-Fi!”

On Saturday July 23, BFMTV broadcasts a report on an air-conditioned room in Amnéville on the Moselle, which offers skiing. To maintain negative temperatures in this scorching weather, snow cannons must operate at full speed. In this environment of extreme heat, this activity raises a role of criticism, especially for its environmental impact.

“We come to train in the domes because the conditions on the glaciers are very average. It’s warm, there’s no snow”, explains one sports coach in particular. On site, individuals also benefit from the infrastructure: “The opportunity to have this cabin a few kilometers from where we live, to ski in mid-July and escape this heat wave,” says the father of the family.

Understandable circumstances but less alarming given the current heat wave hitting Europe. This type of operation is not without consequences for the environment, as the equipment must use a lot of energy to keep the thermometer at -5°. While calling on the French people to make efforts and show solidarity in the face of this exceptional situation. Earlier in the week, Olivier Veran, a spokesman for Emmanuel Macron’s government, issued a series of tips to limit its ecological impact, such as “turn off Wi-Fi when leaving home.”

Small Gestures Many Internet users did not hesitate to comment on their annoyance at this report.

HuffPost also points out that the chamber was already reported by the French Court of Auditors in 2016 for its huge operating deficit. In addition to being unprofitable, the fiscal jurisdiction condemned the astronomical electricity charges.