October 7, 2022


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An attractive expression that dehumanizes immigrants

Thousands of people from the Middle East are stranded on the Belarus-Poland border, In a country where there are no inhumane human beings. These immigrants – men, women and children – will not be able to enter the EU or withdraw their steps. In mid-November the situation became particularly tense.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says he is facing “Hybrid war” where immigrants “weapons”. Should we talk about a “hybrid war” that will dehumanize immigrants if the instrumentality of misery on this outer border of the EU becomes clear? The question divides.

The “hybrid war” or the Iraqi grave

The term hybrid war (Mixed war) In 2005, in an article signed by two naval officers, including General John Mattis, the United States released its first look at the war in Iraq and its confrontation with a defeated state operating in Iraq.

In his 2015 article published at the Strategic Center of the French Institute of International Relations, Eli Dennembaum, director of the Center for Defense Studies at the IFRI, explains that expression is a hybrid war. “Takes shape” In 2006, with the Israeli campaign against Hezbollah: “The strategic community is amazed at the strategic capabilities of the Lebanese Party of God, which is defeating Israeli forces. […] The idea emerges that there are now irregular actors in some states (surface defense, anti-tank missiles, drones, etc.) who have no enviable abilities and skills.

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The same John Mattis will soon introduce this concept to NATO. It is highly evolving, and many experts today see it as a “catch-all” expression that triggers terrorist attacks, including the annexation of Crimea in 2014 by Russian masked men, and a few months later by Donbass’s instability in eastern Ukraine, a military coup established by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Wagner, cyber attacks and even The campaign to destabilize the United States during the election The man who brought Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States in 2016.

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What is a “hybrid war”?

“There is no real legal definition, no fortiory of war or hybrid war. In international law, there is no use of force or aggression”, “he said. Mentions Olivier Corten, expert in international law, professor at ULB and author of the book Law against war“, Its second edition was published by Pedon.

On the one hand, international law clearly distinguishes the use of force governed by rules, including self-defense, and on the other hand, circumstances in which self-defense cannot be used, for example, economic or other sanctions. This is exactly what the EU has done against Belarus After the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko as President, August 9, 2020 or at other times.

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“Ohn can respond but in quiet ways, precisely hybrids can be avoided […] When we say hybrid, we mean upward towards the military, so over-activated … it is generally completely excluded in international law because it has a completely different legal regime.

A political expression

So “hybrid war” is more political than legal.. It is especially used by NATO, for whom “LHybrid threats explicit or coordination of non-military operations: misinformation, cyber attacks, economic pressure, deployment of irregular armed groups or the use of conventional forces. Its purpose is to make the distinction between war and peace more difficult and to sow doubt in the minds of the targeted population. Hybrid threats are aimed at destabilizing and degrading society. “.

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Recently, NATO Secretary-General explained that the organization was preparing for mixed wars. According to Jens Stoltenberg, these attacks are now fast-paced, with high volume and intensity, all traits preferred. “The Rapid Evolution of Technologies in the Integrated World”.

Semantic drift

How does the term “hybrid war” relate to migrants stranded on the Belarusian-Polish border? This connection was made especially by many European leaders and officials. In a speech to European countries on November 9, Charles Michael, President of the European Council, called on Europeans a “Terrible Hybrid Attack” On the European borders, there is Belarus “Makes immigrants’ misery a cynical and shocking tool”.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said his country would face off on Monday, November 22, the routine of the revelation. “For a new type of war, immigrant warfare is a weapon of misinformation, a mixed war”. If we follow the rationale of the head of the Polish government, we can understand that immigrants are a weapon and they are dangerous. Defense is a rhetoric.

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“When it comes to immigrants, there has been talk so far of criminalization that we will turn the human rights issue into a criminal issue by claiming that terrorists are infiltrating and attacking immigrants. . We really blame the victims “, Olivier Gordon Analysis. “V.S.A lot has already been done. Here, an additional level is crossed. The word hybrid war is a discourse to say that it is still a war … so we are on the defensive … so we can build walls … so we can use force.

Yannick Quéau, director of the Peace and Security Information Committee (GRIP), was outraged at the use of this revelation. “These talks are not neutral. But we’ve talking about the humans behind us. We’ll never ask these questions with artillery. It was the same for Spanish refugees during the Civil War or the Franco dictatorship. We use inhumane language against people, and that’s corruption. “. “

Yannick Quéau goes on to say: Recognize the word of the extreme right (Safe, author’s note) It must be recognized “.

The condition of the victims

Men, women and children stranded on the border between Belarus and the European Union (mainly via the Polish border), so do not know how to move forward or backward. Do not enter the EU or leave Belarus. Many died of hypothermia.

Belarus has a huge responsibility to issue visas to these people by air – people who have fled the war – from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. So far, there is nothing illegal under international law. It is illegal to deport them to the EU. Some see it as a shadow of Russia. Vladimir Putin has denied it.

Poland is based on international traditions by closing its borders to people entitled to international security. As for the EU, it is splitting more than ever and leaving Poland on its eastern border.

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