July 3, 2022


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Andrea, an American on vacation in Malta, fears for her life: Abortion denied as her baby is condemned.

An American woman fears for her life after being denied an abortion in Malta, while her laws are strict in this regard, while her child is being reprimanded, a relative and a voluntary charity said Wednesday. “She’s scared”, Jay Wheeler told AFP by phone from his partner Andrea Prudente admitted to the hospital. “I feel like an innocent woman is being given a cruel and bizarre sentence.”

The couple were on vacation in Malta when Ms Prudente went to the hospital with excessive bleeding in the 16th week of pregnancy. The baby was fine, but her water broke after a day or two. Further tests showed that the placenta was partially detached from the uterus, but the baby’s heart was still beating, Mr Wheatley said.

They were instructed to return 48 hours later. A third ultrasound later confirmed that “the fluid is gone and the baby (…) will not survive”, although his heart is still beating. The wheelchair continued.

Doctors are not going to intervene because there is a complete ban on abortion in Malta, he said. This was confirmed by a voluntary charity, which made the case public, Doctors for Choice. Since then, the couple has been waiting.

If his condition worsens, the doctor should consider violating the law

“They wait until the heartbeat stops, they wait for Andrea to have a miscarriage, or they have a life-threatening infection for her.” Doctors “throw coin at mom’s life” Mr. Blames Wheeler.

Their insurance company tried to evict them from Malta, but miscarriage and flight problems pushed all carriers away. Mainly Catholic, only Malta has a complete ban on abortion in the European Union, and the fetus is unlikely to survive.

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Natalie Zaila of Doctors for Choice confirmed the couple’s story that the fetus had “no chance of survival” and that “this condition is very dangerous for the mother.”

“If her condition worsens, the doctor should consider violating the law (up to four years in prison) and terminating the pregnancy.” According to Ms Sayla, this legislative situation is “no longer lasting”.

The Maltese government did not comment. The NGO fears a tragedy in Ireland in 2012: Savita Halappanavar, 31, died of an infection after being refused a medical abortion following a miscarriage. His death slandered public opinion and led to a change in the law.