October 7, 2022


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Sixteen years in power, with a “stainless” reputation and a sluggish successor: Angela Merkel is about to leave Chancellor, in immovable danger, creating a taste for practical success and compromise in Germany and the world. It is because of the historic defeat of his camp that the chancellor, who equaled the long life record of German mentor Helmut Kohl, is in danger of withdrawing from politics.

After a long period of firm belief in victory, the Christian Democrats are indeed plagued by the erosion of power, the mistakes of its candidate, Armin Lachet, but also the negligence of Ms Merkel.

Gathered to the end on all fronts in Germany and abroad, where he is multiplying farewell visits, Ms Merkel, 67, a politician in her 30s, has sought to elevate her position in the electoral arena. With Armin Lashett. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

However, Angela Merkel has maintained a reputation that is envied by many Western leaders.

This year in 2019, the day he was the leader of a large right-left coalition, he seemed shocked by the mobilization of young people for the season.

“The Biggest Challenge”

As a symbol of the end of her reign, Merkel fell victim to tremendous tremors during official ceremonies, raising questions about the ability of a president to be considered “almost indefatigable” to complete his fourth and final term.

But the corona virus infection has completely replaced the cards. Three-quarters of Germans say they are satisfied with the actions of the German leader.

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Even during the epidemics the voice was raised for a fifth term, which was rejected by the first female president to lead Germany.

Faced with Covid-19, Merkel described “The Biggest Challenge” Since the end of World War II, the Chancellor, through training as a scientist, has achieved almost flawless, privileged teaching and rational demonstrations for song poses.

The prison, reminiscent of Merkel’s life in the former GDR, was created with her own consent, “One of the most difficult decisions” In 16 years in power. The result is a less dramatic situation than many European neighbors, despite the second deadly wave in the fall of 2020.

Individual barriers

The epidemic and its consequences have given the Germans a new demonstration of the pragmatism of those who affectionately nicknamed themselves “Mother”.

After the financial crisis of 2008, the champion of the European economy, at the risk of stifling Greece, Angela Merkel actually turned the European financial stimulus and debt collection into one and a half years.

In 2011, it was the Fukushima nuclear disaster that convinced her within days of Germany’s gradual withdrawal from nuclear power.

But in the fall of 2015 her historic risk was that Angela Merkel decided to open her country to millions of Syrian and Iraqi asylum seekers.

Despite public concerns, he promises to coordinate and protect them. “We’ll get there!”, She promises. The most wonderful sentence that Merkel uttered in power was the reluctance to make annoying speeches.

Until then, this doctor in chemistry, who bears the name of her first husband and had no children, always nurtured the image of the sensible, cool woman, without hardness, without potatoes, opera and walking.

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He referred to her, without actually consulting her European partners, to explain her decision on immigration. “Christian Values” And a specific duty to set a precedent for a country responsible for the Holocaust.

This Christian charity, born Angela Gosner on July 17, 1954, received it from her father, a pastor who volunteered to preach the gospel with his entire family in East Germany, a communist and atheist.

“My tradition has shaped me, including the desire for freedom in my lifetime at GDR”, He expressed hope during the 30th anniversary of the reunion.

But the migration crisis worries, Islamophobia and attacks will subside, and conservative voters will return somewhat to the alternative (AfD) to Germany. In September 2017, the post-war ban was lifted when the far-right organization made a historic entry into parliament.

“Teflon” football

However, he always made his decision, after Donald Trump and Brexit were interrupted, he was declared the “leader of the free world” in the context of his growing popularity.

Barack Obama, one of the four US presidents she has known since 2005, describes it to him Summaries Like a leader “Reliable, honest, intelligent and accurate”, A “Beautiful person”.

“Teflon Chancellor”, slips into trouble, it is a political beast, it is strong, underestimated by her opponents.

In 2000, he used a financial scandal within his party to take over the CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany). The unattractive starter then doubles all the male sequences.

On September 18, 2005, he won a landslide victory over Social Democrat President Gerhard Schrder. The first victory in the general election, followed by three, in 2009, 2013 and 2017.

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Recently, she promised to leave only for the sake of ambition: no one would say she was “lazy” about her.