August 9, 2022


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Anne-Sophie Lapix left Xavier Bertrand in France 2 unable to speak

Yesterday evening, Xavier Bertrand was summoned at 8:22 pm, with new news footage from France 2 dedicated to the presidential election. He is in danger of remembering his passage for a long time!

Anne-Sophie Lobix addressed the Republican primary question, in which the candidate announced that he would not participate. On the other hand, he has been under consideration since last week as a presenter at the LR Members Conference.

In response, the President of Hots-de-France explained: “Voters on the right and in the center, like the majority of French people, want this to change. “” I can bring about this change. If I am not in the best position today, do you seriously think that I will be in front of you to present my plan to you?“.

“Well, for now, you’m not even in the second round …”, Then points to the journalist. Xavier Bertrand was speechless for a few seconds. A moment of hesitation made internet users laugh a lot.

Today, only I can qualify for the second round, you know very well that only you can winFinally, he defended the candidate who is currently counting 14% of the vote. “I know nothing”, France 2 journalist responded with a smile.

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