January 30, 2023


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Annoying parking first blow red light, cars in the wrong way …, more than 50 PV!

“This is a very rare occurrence in Armandiers, but it does happen …”, admits from our French colleagues. The Voice of the North One of the pillars of the local police station. In terms of the number of tickets issued, we reached the saddest record on Saturday in Web City: 51 reports for the same event wedding procession. Valencians with about thirty plums in the previous week during the same event or another wild team with 49 PV in Roubix in June 2019.

A local woman testifies in Ru Jules-LeBlu, one of the city’s arteries, in the lane of unconscious motorists on Saturday. “I was afraid they would wake up my little girl who was sleeping with firecrackers, she remembers, but I told myself it was a wedding with travelers, sometimes in town. By the window …” This Saturday was more than that.

Twenty minutes before moving

Fortunately, following the dangerous driving of one of the motorists, on Mark-Sangnier Avenue, at 1 p.m., everything ends without casualties, except for one woman who was injured and frightened.

Police warned, a patrol then went to the scene and found a dozen vehicles parked effortlessly: in a double file on the road, or completely on the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to cross the road and advanced parking. Way. The group of cars also blocks many Ilvia buses, so users of this line. Agents impose fines on owners of vehicles who refuse to leave after twenty minutes, after which they are re-ordered.

Wrong direction and roasting fire

All vehicles then departed and drove to the Jules-Lablo. During this journey through the city center, motorists commit many new crimes, driving at high speeds, and sometimes even driving in the wrong direction or with red lights! Road chaos continues with jet smoke and crackers, and an unlicensed cross-country bike moves exponentially on the road and then into the sidewalk.

About a quarter of an hour later, the same vehicles, with new traffic offenses, head towards Armandiers City Hall.

In all, police will release twelve parking spaces on the road, ten on the sidewalk, two at the intersection, eight red lights, thirteen reverse traffic, two excessive and dangerous speeds, but four passengers without seat belts. A car.!

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