November 30, 2022


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Arresting a mother in front of her daughter turns out to be confusing for Lille: passers-by intervene, two versions collide

On Friday afternoon, in the center of Lilly, a thirty-year-old woman was arrested by police while riding a bike with her daughter. But, as can be seen in the shots below, shot by a passerby, things escalated quickly. In the video, you can hear Mom screaming in front of the police who tried to get her back in the van. Several passersby who were alerted by the incident got involved and tried to get between the woman and the police. “What you do is outrageous,” you may hear over and over again in the video.

According to witnesses at the scene, La Voix was relayed to Nord, whose mother was “thrown out the window and knocked to the ground” and police “tried to handcuff her”. The mother, who was suffering from diarrhea, was finally taken to hospital. For some, just talking about police violence is enough. But two completely different versions collide.

What really happened?

According to several witnesses at the scene, the mother and her daughter were riding their bikes on the sidewalk when the woman collided head-on with a police officer. With the reflex, the latter would have pushed her away, then provoking her mother by throwing a bottle of water in her face. Then things would have completely escalated.

However, according to the municipal police, when the three agents were walking in the center of Lilly, suddenly, one of them was attacked by a woman who came on a bicycle. The mother and daughter were on the sidewalk, without helmets, so the police decided to issue tickets. But Mom gets angry then. “He wanted to punch an officer in the head and throw his bicycle at him. When an officer approached his child, the mother became even more angry and hit him twice in the face.”, Always explains in La Voyx to the Nord, Fran பிரான்ois Deprewer, director of security and peace in the city of Lille. According to Town Hall, several witnesses can confirm this version of the facts.

All three police officers, for their part, complained of “contempt and deliberate violence against a police officer.”

An investigation has been opened to shed light on this story.

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