July 3, 2022


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Assembly elections 2022: Many political figures have voted, already the first surprise abroad (follow our live)

Will President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition retain an absolute majority in the National Assembly? The French will decide this Sunday, June 19, as part of the second round Assembly elections. Based on the first round results and the latest polls, the turnout could be very close. This Sunday, June 12, the Presidential Coalition (together!), Which won with 25.8% of the vote, is again at the forefront of voting intentions in the latest polls. But the News led by Jean-Luc Mலlenchon (25.7% in first round) She’s hot on her heels, casting doubt on the end of the ballot.

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During the presidential election, the French media was banned from broadcasting any information related to the results of this Assembly election before 8 p.m. This is not the case in BelgiumLaLibre.be will provide you with ratings and first results until this afternoon.

Polls, Predictions, Results: Follow all the latest information on these French Assembly elections live

11:00 am: Valérie Pécresse voted in the Yvelines

Republican presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse has voted in the second round of assembly elections in Vélizy-Villacoublay (Yvelines). In the first round, the LR finished fourth behind the presidential alliance of Emmanuel Macron (together!), The new popular environmental and social union (Knobs) and the Marine Le Pen National Rally (RN).

9:10 a.m .: Minister for Environmental Change Amelie de Montzalin casts her vote.

Amelie de Montzalin, the newly appointed Minister of Environmental Change, voted in Ormoy-la-Rivière (Essonne) this Sunday morning. Amelie de Montsell is the candidate running for re-election in the 6th constituency of Ezone, and Knobs is facing the support of Jerome Gutz as the Socialist deputy candidate. Failure to do so in the second round will result in the resignation of the Minister.

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9:02 a.m .: Will not voting still break records?

In this Sunday’s election, the number of non – voters increased with the number of seats won by the various coalitions. Already last Sunday the first round (52.5%) was historically high, and this Sunday the second round of abstention may be a little higher.

However, according to many predictions, 57% of voters should not break the 2017 record of boycotting the ballot box.

8:38 am: Edouard Philippe voted in Le Havre

Former French Prime Minister and current Mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe cast his vote at 8:30 a.m. Sunday.

“Voted! Thank you to the thousands of citizens who rallied today to ensure the election goes smoothly.”He commented on Twitter.

8 a.m .: Polling stations open on mainland France

Polling stations opened at 8am on Sunday in the mainland of France, where 48.7 million voters are calling for the election of their representatives and whether or not to give President Emmanuel Macron a majority in the legislature.

Offices in major cities will be closed from 6pm to 8pm.

04h22: Secretary of State in charge of the sea Justin Benin is attacked in Guadeloupe

The Secretary of State in charge of the sea, Justin Benin, was defeated Saturday in the second round of assembly elections in Guadeloupe’s 2nd constituency, with Christian Baptist (DVG) elected with 41.35% of the vote with 58.65%. Votes. , Announced the province of Guadeloupe in a press release. Ms. Benin was in office during this election. The executive recalled before the vote that if the assembly election fails, the ministerial candidate must leave the government according to an unwritten rule, but already Mr. Macron applied in 2017.

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The participation rate in Guadeloupe is 28.23%, the lowest since 2017 (30.65%).

In the 1st constituency, LFI-backed candidate Olivier Sarva (formerly LREM) was elected with 74.04% of the vote.