January 30, 2023


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At least three people were killed in a crowd waiting outside Kabul airport

The bodies of at least three people were found in a suffocating mob outside Kabul airport as thousands tried to flee the Taliban regime, according to footage shot by journalists on Saturday.

Images from the UK news channel Sky News show soldiers covering three bodies with white canvas. It is not clear how they died.

Sky correspondent Stuart Ramsey at the airport, people in front of the crowd. “CrushedAnd doctors rushed from one wounded to another. The pictures also show many more injured.

Mr. Ramsay people “Dehydration and fear“Soldiers filmed spraying the crowd through a garden hose, claiming they were using it.”Something to update them“In view of the chaos around him, he realized that the deaths had appeared.”Inevitable“.

airport It was a scene of hopeless scenes Since the Taliban captured Kabul on August 15, tens of thousands of Afghans have waited in the heat for hours, otherwise trying to catch an evacuation plane.

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Families hoping for a miraculous escape have separated Taliban fighters from US troops and piled up the remaining sections of the Afghan Special Forces between barbed wire on unofficial unmanned land.

Roads leading to the airport are congested, and reports say the Taliban have arrested, beaten or tortured Afghanistan as it tried to flee.

The United States, which has taken control of the airport, has repeatedly warned people not to be put on eviction lists. On Saturday, they reiterated this warning.Potential security threats“Near the airport gate.

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