October 7, 2022


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At Snapshot, transportation of health passes costing several hundred euros is booming

“I found a solution for 350 euros,” the 28-year-old, who wanted to remain anonymous, explained to AFP.

He says there is no “vaccine resistance” but he does not understand why young people should be vaccinated if they are not affected. “Yes [le Covid-19] I still have when I was 50 or 60, yes, get vaccinated.

Kovid tests if the entrepreneur is a “short-term solution”: he fears he will be tested positive because it could mean a new shutdown of his operation, which is already plagued by a health crisis. “The guards explained to me that you could be the organizer of the evening. If I was positive, I would not be able to go to my own show,” he teased.

But how can you be sure that your fake health pass will work? “This is a project with knowledge that I have already tested,” the young man admits.

140 to 350 euros

Enter the keywords “Fake Sanitary Pass” to find dozens of fake accounts on the Snapshot social network. Facebook posts promote the sale of fake passes – sometimes authors pay Facebook to display them on user news feeds.

The process is more or less the same: everyone asks for a name, first name, social security number, email and mailing address to get a health pass.

“I send your information to my supplier doctor, who registers you at ameli.fr and tousanticovid”, explains a fake.

The customer is officially calculated to have his or her two-dose vaccine in the health insurance database: false health pass so … “true”.

As a sign of trust, some sellers will only pay after the customer has verified their pass, while other, more follow-up accounts boast a reputation already established in fake PCR tests or antigenic experience.

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Prices range from 140 to 350 euros, AFP reporters noted.

Payment is often made by Lydia, an application that allows you to send or receive money to make purchases at tobacco stores on the Internet or without the buyer with your phone or Transcash or Passcard coupons. A bank account or credit card.

The seller enters the code in the coupon and collects money in the form of loans spent on thousands of partner sites (online stores, sports betting sites, etc.). “I go through Paysafecard because it’s not like PayPal, it’s undetectable,” confirms the health vendor pass to AFP.

Wrong Boss Hunt

Views are on the rise. The number of requests sent by the police to health insurance has risen: 46 received for using fake and invalid health passes since May, with 30 complaints and reports filed with the Social Security Fund, including 10 to the AFP on Monday and Tuesday.

55 In order to issue false vaccination certificates, a physician in Gironde found that his profile had been used on a health insurance site for health professionals; He filed a complaint and the trial opened Thursday.

Many have been charged in recent weeks in Paris, Grenoble or Bordeaux. The minimum sentence – changed to house arrest – was pronounced in late July against a vaccine deal in Sean-Saint-Denis, which generated 200 false QR codes to resell them.

There is a “fraud” with “fake QR code”, but Social Security specifically targets fraud certificates, “that person was created as if he had been vaccinated, while he did not inject any”.

Counterfeit notes are punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of ,000 150,000 and up to 3 years in prison for users.

By using these fraudulent passes, they will avoid changing their mind about getting vaccinated in the future … because they have already officially received two doses.