December 8, 2022


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Australia is now plagued by an epidemic as it has long escaped the plague

New South Wales has recorded its third consecutive day of pollution, with three major Australian cities, Sydney, the capital Melbourne and Brisbane still undecided.

New South Wales State Health Minister Brad Hazard, who has entered its seventh week of lockouts in the face of rising outbreaks in the suburbs of Sydney, the country’s first city, expressed his frustration at the decision to ignore population restrictions and invite locals to stay in their homes. . “This is the biggest thing you can do for us and for you, to ensure that we defeat this delta virus that is wreaking havoc around the world,” Hazard told the media.

He also announced that the city of Armidale, about a six-hour drive northwest of Sydney, would join 60% of Australians currently in prison. In the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located, he has been living in a sixth prison since Thursday, with authorities trying to trace the source of the outbreak after 29 new cases were announced. “We do not know where these two explosions came from,” said Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

On the east coast of the island’s mainland, health officials are urging residents not to rest before the restrictions are relaxed as the city of Brisbane prepares to leave prison on Sunday.

Australia, which has long survived the epidemic, today suffers from the impact of delta-type pollution and threatens its “zero cove” strategy.

Today, many agree that vaccination is now the only option. But to date, only 20% of the approximately 25 million Australians are fully vaccinated, partly due to poor supply.

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