June 27, 2022


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“Bald idiot”: humiliated, his superior in the factory condemned for sexual harassment

“Con de bald”: Definitely an unwanted insult, but in the United Kingdom it was reasonably rated as sexual harassment. This is the sentence handed down by a panel of 3 industrial court judges in the United Kingdom following a complaint brought by Tony Finn after 24 years working for a production company in West Yorkshire. According to The Guardian.

During an argument in a workshop in July 2019, his supervisor actually considered him a “bald cunt” which can be translated as “bald cunt”. Strangely, it was “baldness” that hurt the employee the most.

Hair loss is more common in men than women, so using it to describe someone is a kind of discrimination. The verdict states that commenting on a man’s baldness in the workplace is tantamount to commenting on the size of a woman’s breasts.

Mr. It is difficult to conclude otherwise that King said those words with the intent of violating Finn’s dignity, and creates an atmosphere of intimidation, hostility, humiliation, humiliation or insult to him.I said, “The verdict is over. With his own consent, Mr. King’s intent is to intimidate and humiliate Finn. In our opinion, there is a connection between the word “bald” on the one hand and an attribute specific to its gender on the other.“.

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