July 3, 2022


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Barbie: Ryan Gosling's Kane has been revealed in a new photo

Barbie: Ryan Gosling’s Kane has been revealed in a new photo

Thank goodness, then, for an excerpt from the film provided by Warner Bros. chest Wed on an Unprepared Audience – Picture of Ryan Gosling as Kane’s tan-and-plastic boyfriend. (CNN and Warner Bros. Pictures share parent company Warner Bros. Discovery.)

Gosling fans, movie fans and casual Twitter users are having a deep reaction to the photo of the Canadian actor, who stars opposite Barbie Margot Robbie. It’s the first official image of Gosling as an arcade celebrity.

Based on the photo, Gosling has turned into the quintessential Kane: His skin is tinted orange, and he flaunts eight-packs of abs and bleached blonde hair. His underpants are inexplicably emblazoned with his name, and he wears a tank top denim jacket against a pink Pepto-Bismol background. His Kane is a Malibu boy through and through.

But in terms of plot, the photo is all we have to go on (plus a photo of Ruby posing in person with a pink convertible). Will Barbie get tired of Ken’s shirtless ways? Will Kane prove to sweetheart Barb that there is more to it than just a ridiculous amount of abs? Or will Ken plot against Barbie and become the villain in her story?