May 20, 2022


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BBC presenter Govt-19 dies by injection

By Le Média at 4-4-2.

It was confirmed, by Lisa Shaw, who worked On BBC Radio NewcastleHe died 44 years after receiving the first dose of the vaccine. A Article BBCKaren Tilks, a medical examiner in Newcastle, confirmed that Ms. Shaw was suffering from a brain tumor: ” Lisa died of complications from the AstraZeneca vaccine. […] Ms Shaw was previously in good physical condition and her death was “clearly established” due to the vaccine-induced “thrombotic thrombocytopenia”. .

Dr. Christopher Johnson, anesthesiologist and intensive care consultant, said Ms Shaw had been conscious for several days and had successfully treated the blood clot with medications that appeared. But on the evening of May 16, Ms. Shaw said the headache had worsened and she was having difficulty speaking. The scan showed bleeding in the brain. His health continued to deteriorate, and despite surgeries and treatments, he died on May 21st.

Shaw’s family said in a statement: Another difficult day that was a devastating time for us. The death of our beloved Lisa has left a terrible void in our family and our lives. She is truly the most wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. .

These sad facts reassure us Article of May 28, 2021 There we announced the death of this mother after receiving treatment in intensive care for thrombosis and hemorrhage at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle.


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