August 10, 2022


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Beijing denies Microsoft hacking and criticizes US allies

China strongly condemned the allegations on Tuesday.Unsubstantiated“Microsoft and Beijing accuse Washington of being a hack by the United States and its allies.”World Champion“Cyber ​​Attacks.

The friction between the two leading world powers, the Chinese telecommunications supplier Hawaii, the treatment of Uyghur Muslims Taiwan and Hong Kong after the trade war is cyber security.

Washington and its allies condemned Monday, In an integrated campaign, alleged internet performance “MaliciousBeijing and Beijing have blamed massive hacking in March against Microsoft Group’s exchange messaging services.

The United States, the European Union (EU), Great Britain, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, NATO and Canada have called on China to act in separate press releases.Responsibly“In cyberspace.

If everyone had chosen their own words, this would have been the biggest condemnation of the Chinese digital business. However, this was not accompanied by the announcement of sanctions.

The United States has adopted a harsh tone that is unlikely to improve Sino-US relations. President Joe Biden thus blamed the Chinese authoritiesTo protect“Cyberotox criminals, they too”Power“.

China is “Irresponsible, destabilizing and unstable behavior in cyberspace represents a major threat to the economy and security“From the United States and its allies,” said US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen.

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