August 17, 2022


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“Being young doesn’t mean you can’t win”

This is not new, social networks have brought their share of challenges in all sorts of ways. Recent: The “dry scooping challenge” that involves swallowing a spoonful of protein powder without diluting it to increase your performance in the gym. The idea of ​​this Dictok challenge is that swallowing without water will have more impact on the protein body. But water intake in protein intake is far from desired!

Brightney Portillo, a 20-year-old American, was tested by this challenge. But, not everything went right for that young woman. “After I took the powder, I started to feel tingling and itching all over my body,” he explains to Buspeet. “It’s not very pleasant, but I saw it on the internet and it was listed under normal side effects … so I started exercising in the gym.”

Gradually, she feels a heaviness in her chest, but not worried. “I thought maybe this was a concern, so I decided to continue my training.” Eventually, Brightney began to have pain in her left arm as she went to work. “I know these are symptoms of a heart attack. So I called 911 and an ambulance came. “

The young woman has been admitted to the hospital and doctors confirm that she suffered a small heart attack of some kind, where the coronary artery is only partially blocked. Since then, American has been trying to warn Internet users of the dangers of certain challenges. “Just because you see it on the internet, does not mean that it is safe, even if fitness influencers talk about it. Being young does not mean you can’t win. ”

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