December 8, 2022


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Belgians on vacation near the Andalya fire testify: “Smell does not allow us to breathe freely” but “no expulsion procedure” (photos and videos)

Although a wildfire in the Turkish province of Antalya has already claimed the lives of 3 people, many tourists in hotels in the region testify with our orange button.

Kawdar explains “Since yesterday morning, in the sky of depression, a smoke had struck itself (Tourist area east of Antalya, author’s note). At first, we thought it was a small passing gray cloud. By noon, the sky had turned orange and purple (Photo below). It was interesting to see “, She explains, joined Fanny Linen.

She was then able to attend some firefighting operations. “Two helicopters and a plane started taking water from the sea in front of my hotel, and firefighters helped put out the wildfire. At the end of the day the fire was under control but the air was hot and unpleasant. We had to take refuge in the reception area to breathe a little air. “, She explains.

Fire accidents reach our hotel

And it has not improved. “This morning, at 6 o’clock, the helicopters resumed service and the sky was orange (Photos below)Since then the smell of smoke comes out and particles of fire reach our hotel.


Despite this seemingly dangerous situation, officials like the hotel do not evict them. This surprises Kauter positively. “Turkish authorities are handling the situation well. As tourists, we encourage you to continue our activities without problems because the situation is under control. The only catch is that the smell is unpleasant and prevents you from breathing freely. The sky is cloudy and the sun is ashamed.

Nord’s confidence is low. In the video below, he explains his surprise at the silence of local authorities: “We are completely occupied with smoke and can no longer even see the hotel next door, there is no pressure here and it is normal. Smoke surrounds us. It’s black, really completely black. Smoke is coming upon us, but it is normal. There is no eviction procedure. People work normally. But there is no one outside, whereas at this time it is usually full of pools, you can not find a place. “

Despite this worrying weather, some tourists at Beatrice’s hotel this morning “took advantage” of the view of the burning cloud, as shown in this photo she sent us. Like the carpet in his video, Beatrice notices the heat dominating the area.

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Finally, in the distance, he notices a blazing fire. “We are in Alanya, 60 km from the Manavkat fire. So far the hotel has not warned us of anything but if we keep looking at the Turkish and Belgian newspapers, we know about the fire. We see 3 heavy smoke from our balcony., At 5:00 pm he testified to us via warning.