August 17, 2022


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Biden announces “new” phase in relations with Iraq | The world

A “new phase” of the US military presence in Iraq was announced by Joe Biden on Monday with Iraqi Prime Minister Moustaba al-Qasimi, who did not question the presence of troops in the country, with the decision to declare any “war action.” .

“We will not be on a war trip to Iraq at the end of this year,” he said, adding that “our cooperation against terrorism will continue at this new stage and we are discussing it.” Summoned the head of the Iraqi administration.

He described the jihadi group as “training and” aiding and abetting Iraqi forces against the Islamic State (IS), without providing a timetable or concrete elements of the US military’s “role” numbers in Iraq.

The Iraqi prime minister, who arrived in Washington to say that “our relationship is stronger than ever,” sought a political signal and allowed himself to confirm his most dangerous position, three months before the legislative elections.

On the subject of a country plagued by corruption, poverty and epidemics – with more than 12,000 corona virus contaminants reported in the past 24 hours, unprecedented – the friendship between Mustafa al-Qasimi and the pro-US factions has been torn.

In fact, experts do not expect any major change because the US military presence in the country is no longer considered a serious intervention force.

The majority of US troops sent in 2014 as part of an international alliance to help Baghdad defeat ISIS were withdrawn under President Donald Trump. Officially, there are still 2,500 U.S. soldiers on duty in the country, who do not already play the role of “advisors” and “coaches”.

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With the “war mission” over, the Iraqi prime minister hopes to return little by little to the powerful pro-Tehran factions united within Hussein al-Sabi, a coalition and coalition government. .

These factions, which are suspected of carrying out about fifty attacks against US interests in Iraq since the beginning of this year, are calling for the complete withdrawal of all troops stationed by Washington.

This is not very possible as the remaining ISIS cells are active in the country.

Do not recreate the error of 2011

The jihadi group has claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack in the Iraqi capital a week ago.

“The last thing the US wants is to leave Iraq and return to IS in the same situation a few years later,” a Western diplomatic source said.

Ramsey Martini, an Iraqi scholar at the Pearson Institute at the University of Chicago, argues that the US president will incur a significant “political expense” if the 2011 situation repeats itself. A U.S. withdrawal is widely regarded as a major strategic error, which could lead to IS

Iraq is a key link in the US strategic framework leading to the activities of the anti-jihadi coalition in neighboring Syria.

In the midst of renewed tensions between Iran and the United States, there is no doubt that Washington is abandoning the country to Iranian influence – even if the latter still want to defend the 2015 international agreement on Iranian nuclear power.