February 3, 2023


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Biden apologized for Trump’s exit from the Paris Agreement

US President Joe Biden on Monday apologized to his predecessor, Donald Trump, for the US exit from the Paris Agreement. The fight against global warming “Wonderful opportunity“For the World Economy.

I think I should not apologize, but I apologize for pushing us out of the Paris Agreement and pushing us back on schedule.“, He announced.

One of the first decisions taken when he arrived at the White House was to insist that the industry bring his country back to an agreement aimed at controlling global warming below + 2 ° C. , If possible + 1.5 C.

Donald Trump has promised that the deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will destroy jobs. But not Joe Biden, on the contrary.

In the midst of a growing catastrophe, I think there is an incredible opportunity not only for the United States, but for all of us.He made the announcement while addressing a two-day meeting of world leaders convened within the framework of the UN General Assembly on COP26 climate, which is critical to controlling global warming.

He also promised “Action, not words“.”America is not coming around the table again, but I hope it will lead by example“.

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