November 30, 2022


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Biden defends eviction action under pressure, calling it “one of the hardest in history”

Joe Biden said Friday was the move to evacuate Kabul airport.One of the most difficult in history“, He could not guarantee”Tissue finalThousands of American and Afghan civilians tried to flee the country after the Taliban returned to power.

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The evacuations were halted for several hours at the airport in the Afghan capital, a Pentagon official on Friday, as US bases in the Gulf, especially in Qatar, were the first to be evacuated.

I can’t guarantee what the end result will be

This Airlift “One of the most important and difficult in history“And America”Talented country only“To streamline it,” Biden said during a speech at the White House, adding that 13,000 people had been evacuated by the U.S. military since operations began on August 14.

I can’t guarantee what the end result will be“Or not”Risk of loss“In human life, he announced to the president that he would not question Washington’s allies.”Reliability“Despite the recent chaotic scenes at the airport, the US government will take this step.

The Pentagon said Friday that U.S. troops had evacuated Kabul airport to rescue 169 people nearby.

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Most of those expelled were U.S. citizens authorized by the Taliban. But many Afghans, especially those who have worked in the United States and hold special immigration visas (SIVs) for themselves and their loved ones, cannot access the campus, which is guarded by 5,000 U.S. service personnel.

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They feared that these civilians would retaliate against the Taliban, although they promised to grant amnesty to those who cooperated with foreign forces. Others, human rights activists, journalists or political activists, “VulnerableBecause they are also the target of Islamists.

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They are almost as important“Joe Biden promised more than American citizens, which means America”In permanent contact“With the Taliban”Ensure that the airport has secure public access“.

The U.S. government has been criticized for its lack of preparation in the face of the arrival of deported candidates who have caused chaos around the international airport since Sunday.

On Monday, the U.S. president intervened and defended the first short televisionFor sure“Its decision is to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, which has been fighting for twenty years, by August 31.

Two days later, in an interview with ABC, Joe Biden explained that the US departure had seldom taken any form.Confusion“In the country.

As the Beaton administration promised smooth and organized evacuations, images of panicked civilians in front of the entrance gates shocked the U.S. comment that had been in favor of withdrawing troops until this week.

All Americans who want to come home will come home

Joe Biden promised “All Americans who want to come home will come homeNot wanting to confirm that there will be an army in Kabul after the August 31 deadline.

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Leaving Americans to die is an unforgivable duty, which would be a disgrace“Former President Donald Trump promised in a statement on Friday, he asks again”Resignation“His successor.

Yet he was the one who initially decided to step down with a more tight schedule.

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In the Democratic camp, voices also lamented that the government did not anticipate the consequences of this withdrawal and the fall of the Afghan regime in just ten days.

However, Joe Biden defended his decision to withdraw, explaining that Afghanistan was no longer a threat.National interest” United Nations.

We went to Afghanistan with the obvious intention of getting rid of Al Qaeda and getting Osama bin Laden, and we did that.“, He recalled.

But since then, “The terrorist threat has changed and there are huge dangers“From the Islamic State and the Al Qaeda group and its affiliates outside Afghanistan,” he said.

We went to Afghanistan with the obvious intention of getting rid of Al Qaeda and getting Osama bin Laden, and we did that.

The White House said after the president’s speech that about 5,700 people had been evacuated by the U.S. military in 24 hours.

In total, about 18,000 people have left the country since the end of July thanks to US flights.

The United States plans to deport more than 30,000 Americans and Afghan civilians in total through its bases in Kuwait and Qatar.

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