November 30, 2022


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Big warning against this new system used by burglars entering homes in the UK!

Locksmith L&E Ltd, a Manchester-based locksmith company, says robbers will use it to damage and break locks to gain access to property. Manchester Evening News reports that manager Elizabeth Johns is urging people to keep an eye on the trend after an attempt is made to steal the property of one of their customers.

Intruders used plodors to damage or break the locks, but thanks to the anti-slam locks the company had previously installed, they could not open the doors to enter. “The reason intruders use fireballs is because they try to remove the handle around it so they can hold the lock well and then break it,” Ms Jones says.

Therefore, anti-slam locks are recommended to prevent intruders from entering. Elizabeth asks people to make sure their doors have the right size of locks. “If your lock is too big, it will stick out. This gives intruders the ability to remove without touching the handle. ⁇

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