November 30, 2022


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Bolzano refuses to appear before police

Brazilian President Jair Bolzano did not appear before police on Friday and was ordered by a Supreme Court judge to appear before him as part of an investigation into attacks on the electronic voting system.

In doing so, the head of state, with dozens of journalists waiting on the spot, opened a new tension with the judiciary after several months of fiery controversy last year.

Jair Bolsanaro was summoned to appear before Judge Alexandre de Moraes this Friday at 2pm (6pm local time).Give personal testimony to Federal Police (PF) headquarters“In Brasilia, as part of an investigation into whether he released confidential documents to question the credibility of the electronic voting system.

11 minutes before the scheduled time, the Union Advocate General (AGU), Bruno Bianco, asked that the decision of Judge de Moraes be overturned – the request was rejected – and then eleven judges of the court fully review it.

“New Chapter”

This Friday, the President opens a denial to Griomer de Souza, a political analyst of charitable advisers. “A new chapterIn Bolzano’s clashes with de Moraes, who approved various investigations against him.

Another investigation into allegations that the president interfered with federal police in cases involving his family members was carried out in November by PF agents at presidential headquarters, another investigation approved by de Moraes.

The trial he was summoned on Friday opened in August 2021, after he revealed on social media the police report on the cyber attack targeting the 2018 High Court (TSE).

During a live broadcast, the head of state showed confidential documents according to the TSE and published them on social networking sites, questioning the credibility of the electronic voting system that has been in place in Brazil since 1996.

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The far-right leader has been critical of the electronic ballot system for years. “Frauds“Without providing any evidence.

As he continued to question the electoral system, another trial was launched in the Supreme Court.Slander“And”Incitement to crime“.

Less than a year before the presidential election, in October, his popularity rating plummeted and all polls show he lost in the second round. Lula, a former left-wing leader.