August 17, 2022


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Boris Johnson accepted a letter he wrote to Macron about the passage of immigrants on the channel

Asked if he regretted the letter, which asked the French to withdraw illegal immigrants across the canal after a fatal shipwreck, the spokesman responded: “No, as the Prime Minister told him. He and President Macron acknowledge the urgency of the situation.” According to him, Missive, posted on Twitter, aims to “deepen our current cooperation” in the fight against illegal immigration.

Following the release of the letter, Paris decided to cancel the visit of British Home Secretary Priti Patel to a meeting scheduled for Sunday with other European countries on the issue of immigration.

London called on the French to reverse the decision.

“We want to work closely with international partners, including France, on what a common problem is, so that common solutions can be found,” the spokesman said.

“This is a global challenge, to which we must jointly respond with the French and our other European partners,” he said, adding that “more is needed”.

Crossing the UK-dreaming immigrant channel has been the subject of routine tension between Paris and London, and British officials believe that despite financial aid, not enough efforts have been made on the part of the French to prevent them from boarding.

The weather became more tense on Wednesday after a boat sank in the rough seas, killing 27 migrants.

When asked about the letter, Emmanuel Macron said he was “surprised” by Boris Johnson’s “non-serious” methods on Friday. He told a news conference in Rome following the signing of the agreement with Italy that “we will not communicate from one leader to another about these issues through public tweets and letters. We are not whistleblowers.”

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