August 9, 2022


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Brazil’s environment minister announces resignation

Brazilian Environment Minister Ricardo Salas announced his resignation on Wednesday, a month after his offices were raided as part of an investigation into his alleged export of timber from the Amazon.

I submitted my resignation to the President (Jair Bolzano), who accepted it.“Salles, one of the government’s most controversial ministers, told a news conference.

Now the former minister has announced that he will be replaced by Joaquim Alvaro Pereira Light, who has already served in the ministry, as secretary of the Amazon and Environmental Services.

On May 19, at the request of Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes, the offices of 46-year-old Mr Salles were raided and he ordered the removal of his bank secret.

Federal Police a “Large transnational criminal network to facilitate timber smuggling“, Will be involved”Officials, other officials and organizations such as Minister Ricardo Salas“, Judge Moraes explained in his order.

In April, Mr Salles caused a scandal when he told a ministerial meeting that he did not know what was being recorded and that he did not want to use the fact that the media was focusing on corona virus infections to ease environmental standards.

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