August 9, 2022


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British Health Minister resigns following heated controversy

British Health Minister Matt Hong Kong, a key figure in government action against the epidemic, announced his resignation on Saturday for violating rules laid in the face of Govt as part of an affair with a consultant.

“We owe it to ourselves to be honest with the people who sacrificed so much during these epidemics, when we deceived them as I did in defiance of instructions,” he reiterated in his resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“You should be proud of what you achieved not only in dealing with the epidemic, but also before Govt-19 attacked us,” Mr Johnson said, adding that he was “sorry” for leaving the government.

The Sun on Friday released an image from a surveillance camera showing Matt Hancock, who is married and has three fathers, kissing longtime friend Gina Koladangelo, who is already in the midst of a sensible hiring controversy, on May 6, when braces were banned from her office.

Matt Hancock apologized, the head of government first offered his support, considering the matter “closed”.

But the Sun nailed it on Saturday, with surveillance camera video footage posted on its website calling for the resignation of Matt Hancock, especially from the opposition.

The Labor Party has questioned the contradiction in the appointment of Gina Colatangelo, who learned from the University of Hancock and is now head of communications for the chain of stores founded by her husband, to the ministry.

The appointment was not announced before it was revealed by the press.