July 3, 2022


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British journalist and Brazilian expert missing on Amazon: Suspect confesses to burying bodies

“We received the chief’s confession (…) from two of the suspects we arrested last night, who described in detail how the crime was committed and told us where the bodies were buried,” the federal president explained at a news conference. Amazonas State Police, Eduardo Alexandre Fondes, acknowledged that the suspect had participated in the “crime” but did not specify his role.

“Excavations have been carried out at the site and excavations will continue, but human remains have already been found,” he added.

“Once we can expertly verify the remains of the bodies of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, they will be returned to the families.”

Hours before the announcement, television cameras filmed one of the two suspects being taken from the police station by boat to the scene of a police search.

The first suspect, Amarillo da Costa de Oliveira, a 41-year-old fisherman nicknamed “Pelato”, was arrested on June 7. Witnesses said he saw Tom Phillips and Bruno Pereira go at high speed as the boat was heading in the same direction before disappearing.

The second suspect, Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, also known as “Dos Santos”, was arrested Tuesday and is “suspected of being involved in the case,” Federal Police said.

On Sunday, authorities announced the discovery of the personal consequences of the two missing.

The British journalist and Brazilian expert were last seen on June 5 during a trip to the Jawari Valley.

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