November 30, 2022


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Brussels lags far behind … because of the taxes

The epidemic caused by Govt-19 has given a new face to the work market. New factors are now taking effect when selecting an employer / employee, and the advent of teleworking has broadened or eliminated the boundaries that divide specific market players.

With this in mind, WorkMotion has established a ranking of cities that work remotely. In total, 17 factors were taken into account, including long-distance work, cost of living, equal pay, tax system, security, access to health, mobility and happiness. “Epidemic has accelerated the trend of remote work much faster than we thought”, Co-founder and author of Carsten Leptick Administrative director Work movement. “The technology needed for long-distance work was well-established even before the epidemic. The attitude of companies working long-distance has changed. […] Accepting the idea that the best candidate to work with them could be abroad.

Above Melbourne, Dubai in defeat