October 7, 2022


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“But how did they manage to kill so many people in such a short time?”

On police radio waves that evening, there was “serious chaos.” Explosions in the State of France, shootings in Paris. Both nights police officers parked their car to think. 9:47 pm, Warning message for Pataclon shooting. They’re on the side, and they go there.

On the sidewalk in front of the concert hall, barriers collapsed, some bodies and a man screaming at the phone: “Quick, quick, there’s an attack”. Inside, the shooting took place.

“I tell myself: ‘This is it, here we are’“, Says the Special Assistance Court bar to the Commissioner who testifies anonymously.

Tall, gray hair, he held his hands together and had the same tone throughout his witness.

“Suddenly”The doors of Pataclan are opened. “A compact crowd ran screaming at us”. The Commissioner holds “One face” – Terror of a young woman -, and “A voice” – a man who told me: ‘Inside is my wife‘”

Then he warns “We have to make a decision.”

“In front of us, the swinging doors, are unknown. We do not know the configuration of the place. One thing is for sure: there were terrorists who massacred innocent people and were waiting for us with weapons of war.”.

“I told my friend: ‘We have to go’.

“No more noise”

Points Scheme a “Hollow Blank” Explode into the room. “Bodies, carpet of bodies, bodies everywhere, trapped”. “Words can’t describe what we saw”.

“My first thought was, ‘But how did they manage to kill so many people in such a short time?’.

He also has a memory “Contrast” come in “Chaos, shooting” Then “Nothing, no noise. The smoke from the shots still hung in the air.”.

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The commissioner heard a voice and returned. One of the three attackers is at the scene and he is targeting an onlooker. He shouts, ‘Lie on the floor!“.

“The man walks forward, his hands on his head, looking at the resignation, and he begins to kneel.”.

Police take the position, shooting six times “Like being in a position”. The attacker collapses and explodes his belt. “Rain rain” of “human flesh”.

We shoot them, but they take a while to tell “Farewell” To their loved one, he says. “My friend via SMS, I was on the phone, maximum 5-6 seconds, without waiting for a reply”.

“Even scarier”

In parallel to the PRI’s intervention, the police would enter the room three times.

“The first time we didn’t know, (later) we knew. And it’s very scary.”.

Pit, wounded call, others frustrated: “What are you doing, why are you taking so long?” “We can hear death spreading, there is nothing we can do”, “it is unbearable”, he said.

When the reinforcements of his service come, they begin to expel the wounded from the pit, “Too heavy because they bathed in blood”.

The commissioner just wakes up those he meets. “Crawling hand” That he pulled towards the exit. “The face of the first young man” Saved from the pit. “Five-year-old boy covers his head with his ear” Come out from under a body.

At the end of his presentation, the lawyer for the civil parties stands up. “His parents are in the room. I want to express my deepest gratitude to you.”. Other lawyers follow each other to send the same messages sent from the room by their clients or via web-radio.

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Police left the scene around 3:30 p.m. “We discussed, we comforted each other, and then in the early morning we all went to bed. Then we tried to live again like before. You go.”.

Brief silence in the room. Its questions must be asked by the court itself.

“Can you live again like before?”, The President asks.

“The need was made on the basis of psychological support. But we are marked for a lifetime.”