August 17, 2022


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Can a post-tropical cyclone reach the Belgian coast?

The next few days will be sunny and hot. Surely! The models even talk about temperatures up to 30 degrees in places. But, often, it is necessary to take advantage of it. In fact, next weekend, the models are very uncertain, especially as we may see Hurricane Ida currently sowing panic off the east coast of the United States and Canada.

Descended as a post-tropical cyclone, Ida could take the direction of Europe. In fact, as our colleagues made clear from the voice of the North, it is rare for a former hurricane to cross the Atlantic after hitting the United States.

Pushed by the western current and cooled by the waters of the North Sea, the post-tropical storm quickly transforms into a barometric depression bringing wind and rain. It then moved to Europe, especially Great Britain and Iceland or Ireland. This happened in October 2020, when the former Type 3 hurricane Epsilon moved closer to Europe, bringing more wind and rain. In November 2020, Zeta became a hurricane, past Britain.

Former hurricane Ida could therefore disrupt European skies next week, but its exact path and its power are unknown. “Hurricanes can cause an extension of the summer and even a rise in temperature, but on the other hand, it can often cause a drop in temperature,” Norwich Penelox meteorologist Nicholas Roose told our colleagues from Lotstay News.

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Now on Thursday, the MRI variable forecasts cloud cover.