March 21, 2023


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Cecily Strong Leaves 'SNL' With 'Blue Christmas' Send

Cecily Strong Leaves ‘SNL’ With ‘Blue Christmas’ Send

The moment we’ve been dreading is here: Cecily Strong left Saturday Night Live After 11 seasons. SNL She posted the news of her departure on social media hours before yesterday evening Butter Austin– he hosted episode aired. “Tonight we’re sending one of the best players ever. We’ll miss you, Cecily!” It appears the account books on instagram. The farewell post included a shot of Strong as The girl you wish you hadn’t struck up a conversation with at a partyas well as a clip of her singing in a puddle of bottled wine Fox News host Janine Pirro. Strong join the SNL in 2012 and kept winning Two Emmy Award nominations to show in 2020 and 2021. Her exit comes at the end of a year in which many other long-time stars, including Kate McKinnonAnd the Eddie BryantAnd the Kyle MooneyAnd the Chris ReedAnd the more.

The cast of Season 48 took the time to say goodbye to Strong with a sketch as she played a RadioShack employee on her last day. “Every time she came to work, she had a new personality or a new accent or a new impression that would just blow you away,” said Kenan Thompson. “She had such a strength and exhilaration for her performance that it made you remember why you loved working at RadioShack in the first place.” Then Butler allowed Elvis to own it again to lead the cast in a cover of “Blue Christmas”, with the lyrics modified in honor of Strong’s. “You’ll be fine every Saturday night,” they sang in the light snow. “But we’ll all have a blue-and-blue-blue-blue Christmas.”

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After the show, Strong posted to her Instagram, explaining that she kept the news of her passing quiet because it was very emotional for her. “I’m sorry I was a little quiet about it publicly. I didn’t want to put extra stress on something that was already so touching to me,” she wrote. “And I’m so grateful I’ve had these past six wonderful shows to help me relax and get to know and laugh and maybe hug Molly and Marcelo and Devon and Michael overly who I think are not only brilliantly funny but really great human beings. I’m ready to go, but I always know home is here. I have spent the time of my life working with the greatest people on earth.” You can look forward to seeing Strong in Season 2 of Apple TV+ Shmegadon!And the Well coming Lusty Garfield Movie. Watch it tear at the end SNL Appear as a cast member below.

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