January 29, 2023


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This is the Belgium Travel Income Regulatory Card: One By the corona virus in Europe l’ECDC (European Center for Prevention and Control of Disease). It was updated by Europe on Thursdays, but Belgium is now modifying it from Friday, and the changes will take effect from Saturday. If the zone turns red, the code applies from Sunday, Information- informs the coronirus.be site .

This is for all areas that turned red on the ECDC map on August 5:

  • Denmark: Northern Jutland
  • Estonia: Estonia
  • Greece: Northern Aegean, Central Greece
  • Finland: Helsinki-Usima
  • France: Lower Normandy, Upper Normandy, Alsace, Champagne-Orden, Lorraine, Base de la Lower
  • Island: Iceland
  • Italy: Toscana, Marseille
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Saint-Bartholomew
  • French Polynesia
  • Saint-Martin

This means that travelers returning from these countries must observe isolation upon arrival in Belgium:

  • S ‘They have the European Digital Govt certificate certified to have a complete vaccine for at least two weeks;
  • Or a recovery certificate stating that you have recently been diagnosed with Govt 19 ;
  • Or a negative PCR test is done within 72 hours.

For others, the PCR test should be done before or after it Return to Belgium (within two days maximum). You can leave the isolation only after getting a negative result.

Other areas transcend dark red (note that Belgium uses only three colors: red, orange and green). These areas are the most important for the circulation of the virus. When it is dark red, it means red zone for Belgium : This is the case for two autonomous communities in Spain, Castile-La Mancha and Murcia. It is now turning dark red in almost all of Spain. The same is true for many French areas in the southeast: the Occitan region and the Provence-Alps-C டிte d’Azur (PACA). The Conach region of Ireland (northwest) also turns dark red. After Martinique, the Guadeloupe and Reunion will turn dark red.

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Other areas are moving Orange : This is the land of Hamburg in Germany, as well as in Piedmont, Basilicata and Abruzzo in Italy. In Norway, The More and Romsdal ஒரு ஆரஞ்சுப் பொருத்தம், but Nordland reasse au vert.

RTPF has created its own map based on the ECTC open data, but with additional information on the target.

Learn what rules to follow when leaving Belgium Click here. Instructions to follow when returning Available by clicking here.