November 26, 2022


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Charlie Watts of Rolling Stone has died

Charlie Watts, Rolling Stone’s protagonist since 1963, died in London on Tuesday, August 24, at the age of 80. His agent just broke the news, calling the musician “one of the best drummers of his generation.”

“We are deeply saddened by the death of our beloved Charlie Watts,” his agent wrote in a statement: “He passed away peacefully in a London hospital, surrounded by his family.”

A few weeks after the announcement, his team shared his agent’s messageHe will not be participating in the group’s U.S. tour to recover from an unspecified “medical practice.”.

“Charlie was a much-loved husband, father and grandfather and a member of Rolling Stone and one of the best drummers of his generation.”Doherty wrote. “We ask that the privacy of his family, team members and close friends be respected during these difficult times.”.

He already had to fight throat cancer in 2004, and he received treatment At the Royal Marston Hospital in London. He won his fight after four months of struggle, including six weeks of radiation therapy.

Previously shared on August 5, according to a report Pitch, The surgery “went well”, and we learned that Steve Jordan was a member of the side project Keith Richards, X-Funion Vinos, Who will replace him during the US tour starting in late September and ending in November.

“Charlie’s surgery went well, but the doctors rescued him and told him to rest again,” a spokesman explained at the time. “The rehearsals are very disappointing. No one saw it coming.”

Since the band’s debut in 1962, Charlie Watts has jokingly said: “Once, I have some time!”

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On their side, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood each shared support messages to their friend.

“The team is looking forward to Charlie returning as soon as he recovers,” Jagger explained, while Richards said: “We were all a little shocked by this news. Honestly, we hope Charlie recovers soon. We will see him again soon!”

Ron Wood said: “I will miss him on the next tour, but he told me we should continue with it! I can not wait until he comes back on stage with us. Thanks to old friend Steve Jordan for the change.”

Many tributes are expected in the coming hours and your radio should respect its memory!

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