November 26, 2022


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Chicago Cubs expresses interest in Dansby Swanson

Chicago Cubs expresses interest in Dansby Swanson

Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves In… very different locations in the 2023 season. The Braves try to keep the squad together, win the division again, and take another deep run in the playoffs. The Cubs, on the other hand, are coming off a season in which they were 14 games under 0.500 and have recently let much of their veteran talent go ahead, and they have a rotation that can best be described as ‘conjectural’.

Given this, it is a little surprising that it is believed that the cubs are looking to be aggressive this winter. Needless to say, the Cubs have a frenzied fan base that wants a winner on the field, but that hasn’t stopped the Chicago ownership and front office from making unpopular moves that made the team worse in the short term. but, It has been consistently reported for a while that the Cubs are looking to make a splash, especially in their shortstop, And one of the players they’ve been watching might be familiar to Braves fans.

The Cubs’ interest in Dansby Swanson has a certain meaning

Obviously this is just a list of names at the top of the Shortstop Market, so there’s no need for Braves fans to set Truist on fire or anything just yet, but it’s worth noting that Morosi specifically mentioned that the Cubs had been in contact with Dansby agents.

On top of that, Dansby might be exactly the type the Cubs want to target. They obviously want someone of real value to run the position, and guys like Turner and Correa may have more than they’re willing to spend so they can figure out how to win matches again. Players like Dansby (or Bogaerts) may be more in their wheelhouse as they try to solidify their Shortstop while rebuilding the rest of the roster around them.

Stay tuned, brave fans. It’s getting wilder from here.

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