November 26, 2022


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Completely cut off, a village in Virginia protests

I live in a village without a telephone network. “Has a cleansing sideYvonne Wallace, who lives at Green Bank in West Virginia, says she’s tired of everything connected four hours by road from the U.S. capital, Washington.

Yvonne had the internet in her house, but as soon as she left it, more “Thing“, Further”Ping“No more calls or announcements.”It clarifies the ideas“This 59-year-old woman is the owner of a souvenir shop.

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Its area has been home to the Green Bank Laboratory for more than 60 years, requiring radio silence to see stars and black holes.

“Quiet Zone”

So the government is a “Quiet area“In 1958, to protect the operations of the laboratory and the base of the US military intelligence agency NSA.

Radio waves are limited and monitored over an area of ​​approximately 34,000 km, and WiFi routers are not recommended.

The Tourism Office has taken advantage of this and is developing the region into a kingdom. “Final Digital Detox“.

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Yvonne Walch checks a WiFi-enabled cell phone on October 7, 2021 at her Green Bank gift shop in West Virginia. © Roberto Schmidt

The Green Bank Laboratory Telescope, West Virginia, October 7, 2021 O Roberto Schmidt

Nancy Shoulder, a tourist, visited the Green Bank Laboratory on October 7, 2021 in West Virginia. O Roberto Schmidt

George DK in front of his Cause House, October 8, 2021 West Virginia © Roberto Schmidt

Patrick Coleman, owner of a lodge, Greenbank, West Virginia on October 7, 2021 © Roberto Schmidt

In a world where you can’t go for more than a minute without hearing an electronic tool barrel, this is the perfect place to escape from everything.“West Virginia State Tourism Secretary Chelsea Ruby said.

An attractive promise is that 85% of American adults claim to have a smartphone, almost a third of them “Almost all the time“Online, according to a survey by Pew Research.

You look around and ask others. That’s wonderful. More people want to do it

Nancy Shoulder, a tourist who came to visit the lab, was suddenly surprised that she did not have a network, but she quickly began to appreciate the silence.

You look around and ask others. That’s wonderful. More people want to do it“It simply came to our notice then.

Translation of Nancy Shoulder : “We look around, we look at the birds. We look at the birds, we look at the animals. We walk away … I’m not a big fan of cell phones and social media, so this is a great break for me. It’s a moment. . “

Wireless Internet

But despite its strange rules and isolation between mountains and forests, the village of less than 200 souls is changing.

According to locals, wireless internet has spread there in recent years and officials do not even have to pay the planned $ 50 fine.

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According to some estimates, with the construction of hotels and restaurants, house prices in Bocahontas County, where Green Bank is located, have risen almost three times faster than the national average in the last ten years.

They will soon add to us a Walmart and other supermarket chains and everything they are accustomed to in life.Longtime resident George Dyke notes the arrival of new residents.

The whole world does not know whether it should be like this“, Adds this director of an equestrian center.

Towards the modern world?

But other people, on the contrary, believe that the village should be modernized for good.

Patrick Coleman, who was born in Green Bank 69 years ago and owns a guest house there, believes the lack of telephone coverage is dangerous.

People here have no security net“, He laments, referring to the danger of not being able to call an ambulance, especially in the event of a car accident or chase.

People here have no security net

He does not see why the neighboring ski resort, Snowshoe, has a network, not his village.

Some residents who came to enjoy the tranquility also compared the importance of the rules governing telephone waves.

I came to find a quiet corner without wifi“Nate Dagerti says, a new resident.”Everyone hopes that El Dorado peace will be available here.

But there are other ways to regain control of your digital life, he notes.

I don’t have to use my phone anywhere“, He mentions.”Changing the zip code will not solve anything. If I want to leave, I have to do it myself. I think we all know we have to do it.

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