August 17, 2022


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Concerned about delta diversity, France will take new steps to avoid the “4th wave”

The head of state will chair an exceptional health care council on Monday to decide specifically on the vaccine duty and health pass extension for caregivers.

The head of state is scheduled to speak with the French by July 14. According to government spokesman Gabriel Attlin, he will “take into account health data” before 2022 to lay the groundwork for the rest of his five-year term and take stock of planned reforms, especially in the start of retirement.

After a few weeks of silence, the government did not hide its concerns at the Govt front. The virus is “reaching the ground again” because the delta variant is “powerful and very rapid”, now referring to “more than 40% of pollution” in France, Gabriel Atoll pointed out at the conclusion of the Committee of Ministers.

He explained that the number of new cases had “increased by more than 20% in seven days” and that “among 20-29 year olds, the incidence rate has practically doubled in a week”.

“Eleven regions are seeing an increase in their incidence,” he added, adding that the Provence-Alps-Cட்te d’Azur region and the Ile-de-France, including Paris. He said the situation was deteriorating rapidly in Reunion Island or Martinique.

Nationally, the number of daily cases is over 4,000 on Wednesday, for the first time in almost a month.

The administrator fears that France will experience a situation similar to that of the United Kingdom, Spain or Portugal, where “variation has caused a significant acceleration of the epidemic”, while the world has crossed four milestones. Millions of deaths from Govt-19.

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Faced with this danger, the time has come for the “mass vaccination” and “the general mobilization” because the latter is “our trump card to get out of the mine,” the spokesman reiterated. “France is not a vaccine-resistant country,” but it still has “a lot” of people: “I’m waiting,” he says.


Despite an increase in appointments in recent days, the government is concerned about the declining pace of vaccinations.

In all, 52.1% of the population, or 35.1 million people, have received at least one injection, and 38.3% (25.8 million) have been fully vaccinated, the Directorate of Health said Wednesday. Authorities aim to vaccinate 40 million French people with the first vaccine by the end of August and reach 35 million complete vaccination schedules, or two-thirds of adults.

Vaccination advice is initiated by many players in the economic world, i.e. large corporations of businesses who do not want to be forced to lower their curtains. “Let’s get vaccinated to avoid a fourth prison!”, Compiled Francis Palombi, president of the Federation of French Traders (CDF), on Wednesday.

For several days, the government has been preparing spirits for the potential duty of vaccinating caregivers.

In a joint statement, Health Minister Oliver Warren and about fifteen professional organizations in the field (such as physicians and nurses, health federations and medical-community organizations) expressed their support at the end of the day. A meeting on Wednesday at the end of the day.

They want “a law to be passed as soon as it proves necessary”.

On Monday the Security Council may decide on new restrictions on certain regions or borders, such as Lands. As right-wing presidential candidate Xavier Bertrand said in 2022, the possibility of extending the health pass is also being considered, for which “it must be created very fast”.

On the other hand, without having to wear a mask, discotheques should always reopen on Fridays as planned, while these closed spaces, which have been closed for 15 months, are considered dangerous by scientists.