December 8, 2022


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Corona virus: Morocco strengthens border controls

The country now requires a dual test with thermal cameras and thermometers and antigenic tests, in addition to the health pass.

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LMorocco, a major tourist destination, decided on Saturday to tighten border controls as the Covit-19 epidemic escalates in Europe, an official statement said.

“Due to the increasing incidence of pollution in Morocco’s European environment, the Moroccan authorities have decided to strengthen the control system for access to the national territory,” the Interim Govt.

Therefore, compulsory health pass and negative PCR tests will be provided and upon arrival in Morocco, dual testing will be carried out with thermal cameras and thermometers as well as antigenic tests.

Belgium is currently exempt

According to a recent update by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these measures are of concern to most of the so-called “List B” countries in France and most of the EU countries and all people coming from the United Kingdom. Belgium is currently on the A list.

It has been mentioned that any passenger who is positive at the time of arrival, at the expense of the airline or maritime company, except for permanent residents in Morocco, will be immediately repatriated to their country of birth.

Last month, Moroccan authorities suspended flights to Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Russia because of the growing health situation in those four countries. The incidence of infection and death has been steadily declining since the beginning of autumn in this North African country.

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