August 10, 2022


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Corona virus: Norway tightens its grip on dangerous predictions, China announces first Omigron variant

The first case of the Omicron variant in China

State media reported Monday that China has announced the discovery of the first case of the highly contagious Omigron variant of the corona virus. Authorities in the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin have identified a variant of a returnee from a foreign country, the Tianjin Daily reported.

Patient, asymptomatic, positive test on Thursday, further tests “(…) confirm detection of variant Omicron”, adds that this patient was hospitalized and isolated.

As Beijing prepares to host the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the world’s most populous country is looking for new explosions.

Health authorities have ordered stricter regulations in port cities such as Tianjin, which is 140 kilometers from the capital.

The Omigron variant spreads faster than the delta variant, causing less severe symptoms and making vaccines less effective, the WHO said Sunday.

A combination of border controls, massive check campaigns and targeted lockdowns has enabled China to drastically reduce its Govt cases.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 101 new Covid-19 cases were reported in the country on Monday, including 21 imported cases.

Norway tightens further amid dangerous predictions

No alcohol in bars or restaurants, speeding up vaccination, generalizing teleworking … Norway on Monday unveiled new health measures in the face of the coveted predictions. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) has warned that 90,000 to 300,000 new Kovit cases and 50 to 200 daily hospitalizations a day in three weeks will be admitted to this Scandinavian country without any action – including those already in place -. In the morning.

The high hypothesis of this range is more or less the same as the number of people officially infected with the virus in Norway since the outbreak, reaching 317,870 on Monday, of which 1,136 died.

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“Now it’s serious,” Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store told a news conference.

He stressed that the continued spread of the delta variant and the emergence of the new Omigran variant, considered highly contagious, could lead to “complete congestion of the health system”.

Within a week of strengthening health measures, the government has tightened its grip again.

The serving of alcohol in bars and restaurants is prohibited, although it can be done until midnight.

This should accentuate the end of the traditionally festive feasts organized by the bosses before Christmas. One of these “Julboards” became the center of the Omicron variant in Oslo at the end of November.

As with other measures, the ban will take effect overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday and will last for four weeks until further notice.

Teleworking will be mandatory if possible, the requirement to wear a mask will be extended and access to public swimming pools and stadiums will be restricted to certain types of people. Recommended to cancel sports meetings.

Vaccination will also be expedited by reducing the interval between the second and third injections to 4.5 months for those over 45 years of age and health workers. Everyone in these categories should have been given a reminder by mid-January.

Czech Republic launches vaccination campaign for children 5 years and older

Czech authorities have extended the vaccination campaign against the corona virus, allowing children under the age of 5 to be vaccinated from Monday. By morning, Health Minister Adam Wojtek said about 6,000 parents had already made an appointment for their offspring. The Czech Republic has ordered about 300,000 baby versions of the vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech, enough to vaccinate one in three children at this age. The consent of both parents is required.

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Young people over the age of 12 have already had access to the vaccine since July.

The number of corona virus infections is declining again in Chechnya, with 851 new infections reported per 100,000 people in seven days. Nearly 35,000 people have died from Govt-19 disease in this Central European country

Denmark rushes to the third dose

“Because of the new, widespread variant of Omigran, Danish health officials have decided to give the third dose to everyone 40 and older so they can be vaccinated four and a half months after the second dose.” So far, the National Institutes of Health has announced.

With 7,799 contaminants in the last 24 hours in Denmark, new cases of Kovit-19 have been registered.

In one week, the number of infections was the highest at 46,189 cases, 50% higher than the previous week, according to data from Danish health officials compiled by AFP.

By reducing the booster dose gap, its director Soren Prostrom argued in a press release that “winter can be entered with better protection with greater risk of disease and an increase in immunity in the population.”

The United Kingdom announced the acceleration of the booster dose on Sunday evening, which opened 18 years before the New Year.

Behind the United Kingdom, Denmark is the country where most of Omigran’s cases have been detected on its soil, and both countries are very good at detecting differences quickly.

As of Sunday, 2,471 Omigran cases had been reported in the 5.8 million – nation state of Scandinavia, where 80.6% of people over the age of five had already received two doses of the vaccine.

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The Omigron variant spreads faster than the delta variant, causing less severe symptoms and making vaccines less effective, the WHO said Sunday.

Faced with a surge of lawsuits, Denmark last week re-introduced new regulations, including the closure of schools and colleges, the reduction of nightlife and the proliferation of telecommunications.

The fourth wave in the DRC

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is experiencing a fourth wave of the Govt-19 epidemic, with a “rapid increase in virus circulation” and a confirmed presence in the territory of the Omigran variant, officials announced Monday. “All epidemiological reports attest to a rapid increase in the circulation of the virus,” Public Health Minister Jean-Jacques Embungani wrote in a statement.

As of December 10, 638 new cases had been reported in the country, with the city of Kinshasa most affected, with at least 557 confirmed cases. However, the case death rate is still low.

In addition, “scientific data actually confirm the circulation of the Omicron variant in our territory”, the text notes.

Discovered by South African authorities on November 24, this new variant was found in dozens of countries around the world.

The Congolese Ministry of Health said, “The occurrence of this fourth wave coincides with the resurgence of seasonal flu”, which presents symptoms similar to Govt-19.

He calls for counseling in case of cough, respect for preventive gestures, and “massive vaccination to allow (country) to achieve collective immunity”.

The DRC is one of the few countries in the world to be vaccinated against Govt-19.

The Omigron variant spreads faster than the delta variant, causing less severe symptoms and making vaccines less effective, the WHO said Sunday.