January 30, 2023


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Corona virus: The new Omigron variant is spreading across the planet

The new variant of the corona virus, Omigron, spread around the world on Sunday evening, the first cases in Canada, sowing concern and pushing more and more countries to re-close their borders to foreign travelers. Most recently, Canada announced on Sunday two cases of people who had recently moved to Nigeria and were isolated in Ottawa.

The epidemic has already killed more than five million lives worldwide since the end of 2019, and the arrival of the Omigran variant was determined last week. “Worrying“Recognized in South Africa by the World Health Organization (WHO), it has pushed many countries to close borders to South Africa, sometimes when it reopens to the world.

WHO came to the aid of African countries, “Boundaries remain open“Already judging itself”Punished“South Africa demands execution for revealing diversity”Immediate and urgent “ Travel restrictions. Malawi condemns travel restrictions underI Afrophobia“.

Immediately, the prestigious Pampino Guess Hospital in Rome was first released. “Picture“Of the new variant, it shows that it has many more mutations than the delta variant that currently dominates.

“Other studies will tell us whether this adaptation is neutral, less dangerous, or more dangerousThe researchers said.

In any case cases have proliferated, especially in Europe.

In the Netherlands, health officials announced on Friday that 13 passengers from South Africa who had arrived in Amsterdam had taken the variant.

On Sunday evening, on a flight that was scheduled to depart, two passengers were stopped, local Gendermary announced.I wentA hotel for travelers from South Africa and Govind Positive.

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Two of the cases reported in Denmark are from South Africa, three in Germany and one case confirmed in Germany. “Possible“Announced by Switzerland on Sunday evening.

The UK announced a third case from South Africa on Sunday.

Israel, which has confirmed a case against a traveler returning from Malawi, has been barring foreigners from entering since Sunday evening and imposing PCR testing and isolation on vaccinated nationals.

On the day the country closed its borders to nine South African states, two cases were confirmed in Australia for two travelers vaccinated from South Africa.

Apart from Canada, Israel and Australia, the presence of Omnigran variants has been confirmed in South Africa, Botswana, Hong Kong and many European countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic).

Emergency meeting

Faced with the spread, the UK summoned on Monday “Emergency Meeting” G7 health ministers, of which he holds the rotating presidency.

In France, omigron is the detection of variation “Mostly a few hours”, Health Minister Olivier Véran estimated Sunday.

New variant B.1.1.529 indicates a risk “It simply came to our notice then“According to the European Union Health Organization, to Europe.

Prior to its emergence, the continent faced an epidemic associated with delta variation, and it was not always acceptable to rearrange health restrictions as in the Netherlands, the French Antilles or Switzerland. Nevertheless, the country mostly checks the Govt pass on Sunday.

In Austria, tens of thousands of people rallied this weekend against vaccine duty.

Preliminary data suggest that Omigron presents variation, according to the WHO Expert Panel “Increased risk of re-infectionSince the appearance of Delta, a variation has never caused so much concern in the world.

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On all continents, especially in Europe, many states cover themselves from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, but also from South African countries such as Zambia, Malawi or Angola. They have tightened the entry rules for all passengers.

On Sunday, Angola, which was blacklisted by the United Kingdom, became the first South African country to land its flights in the region.

The Philippines announced it would suspend flights from countries where the variant was detected.

In the United Kingdom, new restrictions will take effect on Tuesday, tightening masking and entry procedures.

Saudi Arabia has extended its list of countries suspending its annexation to 14. Major airports Kuwait and Qatar have announced restrictions on nine and five African countries, respectively.

As for Morocco, it announced on Sunday that it would suspend all direct flights for two weeks.

“Competition against time”

In the United States, which reopened to the world in early November, borders will be closed from Monday for travelers from eight South African countries.

On the vaccine manufacturers’ side, AstraZeneca, like Pfizer / Bioendech, Moderna and Nova Vox, have expressed confidence in their ability to fight the Omigran strain.

It will be necessary “Several weeks” To understand the spread of the new variant and the extent of the virus, the WHO said Friday.

Said Ursula van der Leyen, head of the European Commission.Two to three weeks“Labs need to double health precautionary measures on Sunday to determine if they need to modify their vaccine.”Success time “ During this “Competition against time“.

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