February 3, 2023


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Corona virus: The WHO fears the effects of a “tsunami” of cases on health systems

The World Health Organization fears the “collapse” of health systems.

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LThe World Health Organization warned Wednesday that a “tsunami” caused by the omigron and delta variants of Govit-19 could push health systems to the brink of “collapse.”

“I am very concerned that the delta’s simultaneously spreading Omigron will cause tsunami cases.

The international organization believes that the Delta and Omigran variants are “double threats”, which increases the number of new cases and hospitalizations and deaths.

The pressure on health systems comes not only from new patients, but also from a large number of health workers, Caprais added. “Those who are not vaccinated are more likely to die from one or the other of these types,” he said.

Importance of vaccines

The WHO wants 40% of the world’s population to be fully vaccinated by the end of this year and aims to have 70% coverage by the middle of 2022. Detrose announced that 92 of the 194 WHO member states will not reach the 40% target by 2021.

“This is due to the fact that vaccine doses are shipped close to the expiration date throughout the year without the need for limited vaccine exports and essential items such as syringes.” , He declared.

“This is not only a disgrace, it has claimed lives and left the virus untreated and vulnerable to change. I urge government and industry leaders to talk about vaccine equality in the coming year,” the WHO leader stressed. , “He said.

In addition to the vaccine, the WHO plans to use drugs next year to “end hospitalization and death,” said WHO expert Mike Ryan.

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