January 30, 2023


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Corona virus: Toxilisumab reduces mortality, confirms major study

So the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday recommended the use of Covit-19 for severe patients, as well as corticosteroids, he announced.

Nerve toxilisumab has shown mixed results in various small clinical trials, but this study, published in the scientific journal Jama, compiles the results of 27 clinical trials in 28 countries. Involved in such a large number of people in the first place.

According to Manu Shankar-Hari, a professor at King’s College London, this is “conclusive evidence”.

This analysis focused on the monoclonal antibodies Charlumab and Dosilisumab, the first drugs used against rheumatoid arthritis.

They are called the 6 enemies of interlocking because they block the receptor for this protein. However, the latter sometimes plays a role in the overactive immune system induced by the corona virus, leading to hyper-inflammation leading to the most severe cases of Govit-19.

In hospitalized patients, simultaneous administration of corticosteroids reduced the risk of death by 17% compared to the use of corticosteroids alone. Corticosteroids, such as dexamethasone, have an anti-inflammatory effect, making it the first treatment to reduce mortality from covit-19.

In detail, 10,930 patients were examined in this study, of whom 6,449 were treated (sarilumab or docilisumab), and 4,481 received routine care or placebo.

The risk of dying after 28 days in the treatment group was 22%, compared with 25% for others.

By isolating only those receiving treatment and corticosteroids at the same time, the risk of death was reduced to 21%.

In addition, the risk of using an artificial respirator was reduced with treatment.

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“Science has done its job and now we need to turn our attention to access issues,” WHO official Janet Diaz said in a statement. “Given the global imbalances for vaccines, people in poorer countries are at greater risk for severe cases of Govt-19. They are the people who need to achieve these drugs.”

Dosilisumab is marketed under the name Octemra or Roctemra, depending on the markets in which it is sold.

A British study, published in February, has already yielded encouraging results. In this study of 4,000 patients admitted to the hospital, conducted as part of a major recovery clinical trial, the risk of death and the need for artificial respiration were reduced.