February 2, 2023


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Coronavirus: Belgium takes new measures as cases explode in China

There is no PCR test for passengers arriving at Brussels Airport. Frank Vandenbroucke chooses a pilot project. Resolutely pleads for a unified approach at the European level, “one that makes sense”.

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V.SEvents in China pose no great danger to us in Belgium. “At the end of the meeting with (almost) all the Covid experts in Belgium, Frank Vandenbrouck wanted to reassure. It is not because the Chinese authorities suddenly opened their borders that our country should fear for its health. Don’t panic as long as travelers from Beijing, Shanghai or Wuhan bring only Omicron (if any). Against this, the Minister of Health (Wooroot) asserts that the Belgian population is well protected due to vaccination (and contamination). In short, “there is no specific epidemiological risk in this case”…

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