December 8, 2022


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Could the zodiac killer have been identified 50 years later?

Fifty years after the murder of the zodiac killer, the police team believes they have finished the case and finally find out who is behind the murders.

Several methods were followed to find the killer in California In the San Francisco area come in 1965 and 1969. He was in charge 5 murders, 2 attempted murders and one kidnapping The killer said in letters sent to the press and law enforcement Killed 37 people.

This famous serial killer appeared when he went missing: from anywhere.

He was sending Serial numbers In letters mocking the police, he gave himself the nickname “Zodiac Killer”. The mystery surrounding his identity led to movies, TV series and books. A mystery amateur and professional detective tried to solve his messages and put a name on a pencil sketch made by a survivor.

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Zodiac Killer Victims © Bedman

Gary Francis Poste Will he be a zodiac sign?

According to “Gas Breakers”, a team of 40 people has been formed Former investigators, journalists andCounter-intelligence agentsThe killings are said to have been committed by a man named Gary Francis Poste, who died in 2018.

From what they said Fox News, The team would have discovered many years later, New forensic evidence And Hidden messages In cryptocurrencies sent to police and newspapers at the time. These new clues lThey would have brought Gary Francis Poste.

In 2020, they successfully broke the 340 letter code sent by the zodiac to the San Francisco Chronicle: “I hope you will have a lot of fun catching me. … I am not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send me to heaven, especially since I have enough slaves to work with right now.

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A Letter to the Zodiac Killer © Bettmann

A case is still pending

According to them, Poste was also responsible for the murderThe sixth victim, Cherie Joe Bates, 18. She would have been murdered On October 31, 1966, in an alley on Riverside City College campus in California, hundreds of miles south of the San Francisco area and Two years before the first murder Visible from the zodiac.

However, the Riverside Police Department, which investigated Bates’ murder, said:Our homicide cold case unit has found that the 1966 murder of Cherie Joe Bates was unrelated to the zodiac killer. We understand the public interest in these unsolved murders, but all investigations into the zodiac killer are under investigation by the FBI.

According to investigators, the police have received an anonymous typed letter admitting that they wrote the first letter (analyzed by a team written by the zodiac) and should apologize for this “disgusting joke”. But the team of investigators is responsible for the zodiac …

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