November 26, 2022


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“Danger? The wave of omigron variation is exaggerated on the delta”

In South Africa, some physicians say that patients with the Omigran variant “will not be seriously ill at this time.” As a virologist, what do you think?

There is still the theoretical option that this virus should become highly contagious and highly immune, without causing serious illness. This hypothesis emerged with each appearance of a new variant. When we look at things in a hurry, when a new variation appears, it can give the impression that we are in this situation. read more…

Emmanuel Andre sees a danger for Belgium: “What we must avoid The wave of omigron variation will be exaggerated For the highest delta variation cycle. “

The hypothesis of a variant is more contagious but less “aggressive”, so should we forget it?

I did not say no. But today, we must assume that this new variant will cause a certain percentage of severe forms. Furthermore, the probability that this variation does not cause any severe form is zero. If this variant spreads two to four times faster, more people at once can develop severe forms of the disease.

Whether the vaccine is effective or not, mutations, spread, he explains The full status of the interview can be found here.

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