October 7, 2022


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Death of Jean-Paul Belmondo: Alain Delon says he is “completely extinct”

The other sacred monster of French cinema reacts sadly.

ALane Dylan, the other old lion of French cinema, said Monday CNews Jean-Paul Belmondo was “completely devastated” by the death in Paris on Monday. “I’m completely devastated. I’m going to hang out there for five hours now not to do the same thing … Note, it wouldn’t be bad if we both went together. This is a part of my life. We started together 60 years ago,” said the sacred cinema monster, 85. Trembled with emotion.

Often misrepresented as rivals, the two heroes of French cinema of the second half of the 20th century enjoyed parallel lives, often topping the box office, and their friendship with a particular rival resisted provoking the legend of these two characters.

Among these films was “Porcelino” (1970), directed by Jack Tere. The story of two young criminals who make friends and become kings of the underworld in Marseille.

In 1998, Patrice Leconde brought them to Vanessa Paradise on “Un Sans Sans Sir Dukes”. “They are totally opposed, which complements them and at the same time makes them very close to each other. It’s very interesting that the two actors, like them, are neither, nor do anything to each other,” the director said.

A blend of unwavering friendship, tenderness and vigor, that Paris match will take place in one draw, in June 2019, until the final.

“I was shocked by the disappearance of Jean-Paul. For many, it was an image of vitality to me. It never stopped running in my heart and in my memory. He was a smile and a joy to life. Courage and simplicity,” Italian actress Claudia Cardinal told AFP in a statement sent by her agent. .

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I have lived with him many unforgettable happy moments (…) My deepest affection goes to his loved ones and especially his children. He added Audio Gene-Ball, who shared with him the poster for several films, including “Cartouche” (1962) or “La Scoumoun” (1972).

The actor, who starred in 80 films, died Monday afternoon, his family said in a statement, which their lawyer sent to AFP.

The actor, who was admitted to hospital for general exhaustion earlier this year, died at his Parisian home, surrounded by his family.