January 30, 2023


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Demonstrations against the health pass in Italy

Thousands of Italians protested across the country on Saturday against the introduction of new measures to reduce the rise in infections and affect non-infected people.

Freedom!“And”Not for dictatorship“Protesters chanted in Naples in the south and Turin in the north, while in Milan they shouted in the pouring rain.”Not for the Health Pass!“.

Most of them are not wearing masks.

Italy to introduce compulsory health pass on August 6 Access to closed spaces such as bars and restaurants, but not swimming pools, sports halls, museums, cinemas and theaters and playrooms.

Health Boss, “Green bass“On the peninsula, the first dose of the vaccine can be given, but Kovit can be given to cured individuals and those who have had a negative test in the previous 48 hours.

It is better to die free than to live like a slave“Can you read a sign in front of the Cathedral of Milan, in the historic center of Rome?Work frees you up“,”Work frees you up“, Author’s note), with these words:”Vaccines free you“.

In Genoa, protesters wore yellow stars engraved. “Not vaccinated“.

Demonstrations were announced on social networks in at least 80 cities on Saturday.

The government’s decision on Thursday to introduce a compulsory health pass has led to a surge in vaccination appointments of up to + 200% in some regions, said Francesco Figliolo, extraordinary commissioner in charge of the vaccination campaign.

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