October 7, 2022


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Despite being vaccinated, why is the UK reaching unprecedented new cases since February?

7,450 new contaminants were reported in Great Britain this Wednesday.

LThe highest number of new corona virus cases since the end of February was reported in the UK on Wednesday, according to the latest data released.

Thus, as of Wednesday morning, there were 7,450 contaminants confirmed by the new laboratory, which had not reached daily numbers since February 26, the British government said.

The death toll has risen to six from the 127,860 people infected with the Govt-19 epidemic.

One in 10 regions has more than 100 pollutants per 100,000 population, which has not been reached since March 23. In addition, 309 of the 380 UK local officers have had their cases increased on a weekly basis. This is the highest rate since the beginning of January. These figures are valid for seven days until June 5th.

The good news, however, is that those admitted to the hospital do not appear to be affected by the increase in these cases. This tends to demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Pollution has been on the rise in Great Britain since the beginning of the month. As of June 1, only 3,165 new infections had been reported, doubling in three days. However, while the National Statistics Office estimates that more than a million people were infected with Govt-19 in the week of January 2, statistics are low at the beginning of this year.

The UK thought it was beyond business. Three-quarters of its population received the first injection of the vaccine, and more than 26 million adults received their full immunizations. But the Indian variant, also known as Delta or P1617.2, called into question the effectiveness of this campaign, not only because it spreads rapidly, but also because it seems to have an immune escape effect: the vaccine is less effective against it.

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